Category: Team Members 2

  • Lisa McKean

    Lisa has been working as a staffing coordinator in healthcare since 2009. She started in a long term care facility where she stayed for just over 13 years. Since then she has worked remotely for multiple staffing agencies, as well as in the DME field.

  • Alyssa Acquaviva

    Alyssa has her Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Diversity & Inclusion. She has over 5 years of recruiting experience on top of having a breadth of knowledge on general HR practices. She specializes in recruiting, culture management, and team creation.

  • Bridgett Hurley

    Bridgett can help you transform your company’s biggest challenge into your biggest opportunity. She is an organizational development whiz who identifies and grows leadership talent. Contact her to learn how her intellect, intuition, and 25-years experience growing entrepreneurial companies can help your company thrive.

  • Kevin Morgan

    Kevin has 25 years of experience in staffing and recruiting. He began his career in the contingency staffing field, where he spent 13 years staffing up his own clients in New York City’s healthcare, legal, finance and banking sectors. For more than 10 years, Kevin has worked globally as a trusted executive recruiter. He partners…

  • Emily Acquaviva

    Emily Acquaviva is an exceptional and accomplished leader, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Placementmates. With over 5 years of expertise in strategic planning and process improvement, Emily is a results-driven professional who consistently drives organizational success. Throughout her career, Emily has demonstrated her exceptional abilities across a wide range of industries, including…